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Look Beautiful be Beautiful With These Make Up Tips

Although putting on make up is more a women as world there are some men that also apply it though they are in the minority. Men that use make up will do so more in the interests of skin care than for looking good.

Many women use make up on a daily basis and this can be damaging to your skin in the long term. This will be even more so if the make up you are using is of poor quality.

Saving a dollar or two may certainly be detrimental to your skin in the long run. Make up should only be used on healthy skin which is really self explanatory. There are a variety of excellent quality make up products on the market that are formulated using special moisturizers and added herbs that double as skin care in the make up itself. If you use make up regularly rather aim for these.

When using make up there are a few pointers that will help take care of your skin so that you will look good and your skin will not take a beating.


Here is a guide on make up and make up products that should help you maintain a beautiful skin:


  1. When you buy make up products check out the ingredients they have and always but them with your skin care in mind. After all you will be applying them to your face and body so if they double as skin care then you know they will be worthwhile. If you buy make up that causes any sort of skin reaction or you see that you are allergic to it avoid it forever. Check for make up that has excessive alcohol content in it as these are a no-no. They will dry out all the natural oils you have in your skin.


  1. Only use make up before the expiry date. If you have old cosmetics and make up on your dressing table or in your bathroom cabinet that are passed their ‘best by’ date dispose of them safely. Always Keep track of the expiry date on your skin care and make up products. It has been discovered that certain vitamin C products can expire well before the specified date so be careful if you prefer using these.


  1. Cleansing your skin before applying make up is important. The same goes when removing make up at the end of the day. Naturally you have heard that it is not good for your skin to sleep with your make up on, so take time using a good make up cleanser followed by a quality moisturizer before bedtime which should be a good habit. You make up should also be in good condition. Keep lids tightly shut after you have used them and keep your eye liner pencils sharp and your lash enhancers sealed.


  1. When applying makeup then tie your hair up or cover it with a towel especially if you are applying foundation. Naturally your hair care follows on to skin care so keep your hair clean is also part of the make up routine.


  1. Take care of your nails properly and use quality nail varnish that has an ingredient in theta keeps your nails from chipping and splitting. Nail care beauticians like to apply a standard color and add a lacquer finish for extra sheen and strength. When you remove nail polish, always be sure to apply a good skin care moisturizer especially to your cuticle area. There are superb cuticle oils that you can find at the make up counter which contain aloe Vera and other herbal ingredients that are great for your hands.


  1. When you use eye shadows use a light color if you have deep set eyes and rather use a liquid eye shadow rather than the pencil variety. This helps against smudging as well. If you pluck your eye brows rub in some skin moisturizer straight afterwards. If you are applying make up the following day try and pluck your eye brows the night before. Sometimes the area tends to become tender and swell. Make up may then cause a reaction with the area.


  1. For people that suffer from blemishes and acne care needs to be taken with the choice of foundation products and make ups. Man made chemical types of make up can scar and cause even more damage to your skin. A beautician or qualified dermatologist can give you the right advice. There are products available for sensitive skins which can be used. Do not try and squeeze pimples because this can spread infection as well as cause scarring. There are hundreds of very effective products available for teenage acne and for adults that will solve the problem properly without hurting your skin the way squeezing will.
  1. Purchase proper make up removers and complementing pads to clean off make up. Work over your entire facial area to make sure every bit of make up is removed and then following with a facial wash.
  1. When using deodorants apply them by spraying at least 20cm away from your actual skin unless they are roll on. Do not apply deodorants and perfumes to the same part of your body where they may clash.
  1. Take time to apply make up properly when you put it on. A slapdash job will look slapdash and may also be uncomfortable as well. Many women keep a small touch up make up purse in their handbags to repair little smudges and runs. Also keep a make up remover in the same bag as well ready for emergencies.


Make up and skin care goes hand in hand. The better you take care of your skin the longer you will enjoy a smooth elastic and young looking skin. That’s the secret to the film stars beautiful looking skin. Ensure you follow a proper skin care routine without exception with the best products available on the market.



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